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Ok lets get back on track [Feb. 16th, 2004|08:10 pm]


[Current Mood |determined]

Well after last weeks weight gain I sort of lost the plot diet wise.. lack of motivation.. and then the cancellation of Angel led to the type of mourning that needs ice cream.So it's Monday it's a new day it's a new start.. I've got a new set of digital scales that tell me that I'm ywo pounds heavier than before last weeks set back ( ie two pounds lighter than their scales made me, and that's AFTER a week of non motivation). So it's goodbye to the club and hello to going it alone . I want to get a stone down from where I am now by the end of April, and I know that due to the mad workload between then and now I'm not going to make it to the gym.. so it's running kit out tomorrow , I've thrown the rest of the icecream away , the kitchen is full of fruit an veg and this time next week we'll see if it's working.

[User Picture]From: deborahw37
2004-02-16 01:03 pm (UTC)


Thanks for the encouragement! and best of luck in your continued efforts too and yoga! way to go!..I find that I need to eat quite a lot ( otherwise my metabolism slows down) but to keep mainly to fruit and veg. I'm vegetarian so I also have to get most of my protein from pulses and lay off the dairy and the bread ( bread is my weak spot). I also need to stop making excuses, Ok so I can't get to the gym much but I can spend an hour less on line and walk or run.

But I have a goal.. well several actually , I'm going to the Fusion Buffy/Angel con in April and then the James/GOTR stuff in May and I'd really really like to be able to fit into my wedding dress again in time for my 20th anniversary on June 2nd.. I think that last one is pretty unlikely ( I was 38, 24,36 in 1984 and 2 and a half stone lighter than I am now but hey I can dream can't I?)
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[User Picture]From: rainkatt
2004-02-16 01:24 pm (UTC)


I need to eat a lot, too, or I don't feel good; one of the reasons I was successful at losing weight before was that I brought nuts and fruit and veggies to work with me, and just nibbled all day. I do much better that way. If I don't have them, the donuts start looking good, and that's so not the way to go. I'm OK with whole grains, but need to avoid the really processed stuff.

It's good to have goals, not to mention dreams. :-) Good luck!
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