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Ok lets get back on track [Feb. 16th, 2004|08:10 pm]


[Current Mood |determined]

Well after last weeks weight gain I sort of lost the plot diet wise.. lack of motivation.. and then the cancellation of Angel led to the type of mourning that needs ice cream.So it's Monday it's a new day it's a new start.. I've got a new set of digital scales that tell me that I'm ywo pounds heavier than before last weeks set back ( ie two pounds lighter than their scales made me, and that's AFTER a week of non motivation). So it's goodbye to the club and hello to going it alone . I want to get a stone down from where I am now by the end of April, and I know that due to the mad workload between then and now I'm not going to make it to the gym.. so it's running kit out tomorrow , I've thrown the rest of the icecream away , the kitchen is full of fruit an veg and this time next week we'll see if it's working.

[User Picture]From: vampirefever
2004-02-16 03:51 pm (UTC)
I feel like saying snap. I haven't lost any weight in the last 2 weeks, and completely fell off the wagon when I indulged in chocolate cheese cake on both Wednesday and Thursday :(

But I too want to lose a stone by May for the JM things. I hope when he sees all these slim beautiful women in the audience, JM will appreciate all the hard work we've gone through for him *g*.

Plus I don't go to slimming clubs. I don't think you can 'buy' will-power, you're either motivated or not.
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[User Picture]From: deborahw37
2004-02-17 09:46 am (UTC)


mmmm Chocolate cheesecake

Yep I hope James apreciates the fact that he can sell more tickets to the gigs because his fans will take up so much less space!

As to the slimming club the idea was that having to go and way in would keep me on track, and to be fair it worked until that disasterous 4lb gain.. I think I could have coped with that at home but in the club setting it felt like a big deal , hence the demotivation..

Good luck with the campaign!
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