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Monday update [Feb. 23rd, 2004|09:27 pm]


[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

Well up till Friday I'd lost another four pounds but I slipped off the wagon over the weekend and put a pound back.. so three pounds down and resolving to do something about the temptation to snack at weekends .can't swim or gym or run for a few days because I've had to strap my ankle up again .. something clicked out on Saturday, probably a bit of the metal work...it clicked back in but all feels a bit sore and insecure so its back to the physio excercises and taking it easy on the walking and no running at all... trying to add in a few stretches and crunches though and trying to stay off the toast and marmite.. but it's cold and snowing out there and my body is yelling out for less fruit and more carbs... must try to ignore body , body wants to be fat!!!! probably it's anticipating an ice age or something (lol)