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Introduction [Jan. 28th, 2004|01:39 pm]


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Hi, I just joined the community and thought I'd let you all know my diet story.
I've spent my whole life with a terrible body image . When I look back now at the age of 40, I realise that I spent most of my youth feeling fat and ugly, when I was actually not either of those things.

The thing that made me finally start to change my incredibibly low self-esteem was a diet I went on nearly 3 years ago. Up until June 2001, my weight had yo-yo'd up and down around the 11 stone mark (155 pounds), but whatever my weight I always wore huge baggy clothes that completely covered me up. So whether I was a UK size 14/16/18 I always wore the same big clothes, so no one ever knew what size I actually was. In June 2001 I had ballooned up to 12.5 stone, I hated myself and was very depressed about it. I also couldn't seem to lose any weight regardless of what I did. I tried weightwatchers, eating sensibly, going to the gym - but nothing seemed to work.

Then one evening I met a friends girlfriend, who I hadn't seen for about 6 months and I almost didn't recognise her. Ever since I'd known her she had been a big girl - over 15 stone (220 pounds). But in the time since our last meeting she had lost around 40 pounds or more. She looked wonderful. I made her give me the diet she had been on (she had gone to a trendy dietitian, that Geri Halliwell went to) and was motivated by her success to follow it.

This diet is a detox based diet and meant completely changing what I ate. It is also extremely strict. But my self hatred at the time gave me the will power to stick to it. It prohibits most foods so its easier to list what I eat than what I can't have, so:

Drink: Water, herb teas (nothing else allowed i.e. no caffeine, milk, alcohol etc)
Breakfast: Organic rolled oats (its a wheat free diet). I make porridge with it (using water) but you can also make oat cakes.
Lunch: Baked potato and salad.
Dinner: Fish and vegetables (you can have chicken as well, but I'm a veggy)

The only fat you are meant to have with all meals (or to cook with) is small amounts of unsalted butter (no other dairy products).

So thats it. I stuck to the diet strictly for a year. In the first 6 months I lost 40 pounds.

The weight loss was terrific in itself, but for me, the best thing about this diet is the way that I changed how I saw myself. The rapid weight loss meant that I dropped down from a size 16-18 to a 10. I therefore had to buy a whole new wardrobe. For the first time since my teenage years, I stopped wearing big oversized mens XXL and started wearing womens clothes that fitted me. I also stopped feeling like I was invisible in a crowd and actually felt happy looking in the mirror again.

My downfall is sugar, chocolate in particular, and after a year on this diet it started creeping back into what I ate. By the beginning of January this year, I had put back 30 pounds. Because of my improved self-image, I don't hate myself like I used to, but I know I had to start losing weight again. So I have cut the sugar and have resumed the diet. I never really stopped eating those basic foods above, so it hasn't been thathard, and this time round I'm relaxing some of the detox elements (although I've managed to stay wheat, dairy and caffeine free).

So far since Jan 5th I've lost 8 pounds, and hope to lose another 15 pounds by May for the JM events.

Hope this hasn't been too long and boring.


From: kassandra_x
2004-01-28 06:32 am (UTC)
Hi & welcome, Ali! Wow, that's one strict regime you've got yourself on! makes mine look positively liberal :)! And you're not alone in the choccie & sugar-holic department :raises hand guiltily: I too have succumbed to the demon cake & sweeties too often for my liking *sigh*.

I wish you well with reaching your goals. Let us know how you're going, & if you need a clout around the head some gentle encouragement when you feel you're faltering, you know where we are *g*
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[User Picture]From: vampirefever
2004-01-28 06:39 am (UTC)
Thanks a lot for the welcome. Its nice to have a group you can moan about food with *g*

Wow, that's one strict regime you've got yourself on! makes mine look positively liberal

After the initial first week its not so difficult. This time round, I'm allowing myself sultanas to sweeten up the porridge and to have in the evening - to help squash the cravings for chocolate and cakes - and it seems to be working.

I'm feeling guilty this week because I haven't gone to the gym (I'm blaming the weather, but know its an excuse) and I just had a banana after lunch :-(
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[User Picture]From: whimsicalnotion
2004-01-28 07:10 am (UTC)
Hey babes. Great to have you aboard. It's amazing how many people James Marsters has inspired to get fit for May *g* Can't imagine why.

Your diet sounds a bit strict for me but if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that everyone has to find their own way with this. The members here are following all sorts of different eating plans but our goal is the same so it's great support.
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[User Picture]From: vampirefever
2004-01-28 07:24 am (UTC)
It's amazing how many people James Marsters has inspired to get fit for May

Well, unless we're closer than we think with all this slashiness (or he's managed to keep a relationship from the press), he is young, free and single and you just never know *g*
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